The Ball Research Group

Current Group Members:

Zachary Ball

Associate Professor, Department of Chemistry
Rice University
Office: BRC 327
Phone: 713.348.6159

Zach has been on the faculty at Rice since 2006. For more information, see Zach's CV.


Olbelina Ulloa

Olbelina was born in the Dominican Republic and has lived and studied in the United States since 2002. She received her Ph.D. in chemistry from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign in 2015, where she worked with Prof. Thomas Rauchfuss on the study of inorganic complexes that can mimic the activity of hydrogenase enzymes. She joined the lab in June 2015 as a Weiss Postdoctoral Fellow in Chemistry.

Graduate Students

Sarah Knudsen

Sarah joined the lab during the fall of 2012. She is working on the development of palladium metallopeptides for asymmetric catalysis.

Jun Ohata

Jun joined the lab in 2013. His work focuses on selective protein modification.

Cody Martin

Cody joined the lab in 2013. His work focuses on the synthesis of small-molecule inhibitors for Lyn kinase activity.

Alicia Mangubat

Alicia joined the lab in 2014. She is working on anchoring rhodium to proteins/peptides for the catalysis of minimalistic modifications.

Haopei Wang

Haopei joined the lab in 2015.

Katie Kuykendall

Katie joined the lab in 2016. Her research focuses on selective peptide/protein modification using rhodium(III).


Cullen Shope

Cullen joined the lab during the fall of 2016.

Andrew Supron

Andrew joined the lab during the spring of 2017.

Reece Rosenthal

Reece joined the lab during the summer of 2017.

Rice Department of Chemistry